HIFU Treatments

HIFU (High-intensity focused ultrasound) is a cosmetic treatment for skin tightening on the face, neck, décolletage, arms, abdomen, legs and more. It is considered a non-invasive as it uses ultrasound energy to encourage the production of collagen, which results in firmer skin.

HIFU is safe and effective for facial lifting and refining wrinkles. Results are seen gradually over 3 months after treatment, without the risks associated with surgery. 

HIFU won’t work as well for people with more severe cases of sagging skin.

Where Can It Be Used

HIFU Facial

HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy to target the layers of skin just below the surface. The ultrasound energy causes the tissue to heat up rapidly. Once the cells reach a certain temperature, they experience cellular damage.

The damage stimulates the cells to produce more collagen. The increase in collagen results in tighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles.

Who Is It For:

HIFU may not be appropriate for everyone. In general, the procedure works best on people older than 30 with mild-to-moderate skin laxity.

People with photodamaged skin or a high degree of loose skin, may need several treatments before seeing results.

Older people with more extensive photo-aging, severe skin laxity, or very saggy skin on the neck aren’t good candidates and may need surgery.

HIFU isn’t recommended for people with infections and open skin lesions at the target area, severe acne and metallic implants in the treatment area.

Benefits Of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound:

HIFU has many aesthetic benefits, including:
• Wrinkle reduction 
• Tightening of sagging skin on the neck
• Lifting the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids
• Enhancing jawline definition
• Tightening of the décolletage
• Smoothing the skin.

What Does HIFU Feel Like?

You may experience slight discomfort during an HIFU procedure. Some people describe it as tiny electric pulses or a light prickly sensation.

Immediately after the treatment, you may experience mild redness or swelling, which will gradually recede over the next few hours.

HIFU For Face And Neck

Skin preparation before having a HIFU procedure is not necessary but is recommended for optimal results. This includes skincare, LED Red light therapy and skin needling. Your initial consultation and assessment will outline if you need any of these treatments before your HiFu treatment as every individual is different.

HIFU Procedure

  1. The area is cleaned (arrive with no make-up).
  2. The area is mapped out.
  3. Ultrasound gel is applied to the area being treated.
  4. The HIFU device is placed against the skin.
  5. Ultrasound energy is then delivered to the target area in short pulses for roughly 30 to 90 minutes.
  6. The device is removed.

If additional treatments are needed, you will schedule the next treatment.

While the ultrasound energy is being applied, you might feel heat and tingling. You can take a pain medication if it’s bothersome.

You’re free to go home and resume your normal daily activities right away after the procedure.

Side Effects:

HIFU is considered very safe if performed by a trained and qualified professional.

The best part about this treatment is that you’re able to resume your normal activities immediately after you leave the provider’s office. Some slight redness or swelling may occur, but it should subside quickly. A light tingling sensation of the treated area may persist for a few weeks.

Rarely, you may experience temporary numbness or bruising, but these side effects usually go away after a few days.

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Before & After Photos

Face & Neck HIFU Treatment
HIFU Arm Tightening
Visible results over time
Face & Neck HIFU Treatment