The Science of Beautiful Lips

lip enhancement

I have been doing a lot of research regarding the science of lip enhancement and what defines good versus bad lip shapes.

One day I was flicking through my copy of Dr Karl Kruszelnicki‘s latest book “Karl the Universe and Everything”. In his chapter “Luscious Lips” he quotes a study that attempted to establish the “perfect” ratio of top to bottom lip size in relation.

The ideal ratio (according to the study) for lip enhancement is higher than I would expect, but he notes numerous limitations of the study.

In my practice, I work to a preferred ratio of 1 to 1.6.

Interestingly, this ratio is commonly referred to as “The Golden Ratio” and occurs frequently in nature and aesthetics.¬†It can be found in the art of Da Vinci, and the development of the Nautilus shell.

Dr Karl has discussed the golden ratio frequently in his articles, podcasts and talk-back.

But is there really a magic number we can use for a perfect result?

Cosmetic procedures are a combination of art and science, a good practitioner will not simply pick a number.

She or he will take into account dozens of other factors that will influence the overall result.

A good practitioner knows faces and listens to their customers.